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1What does LegaLowCost offer over others?

It is a service that is more than the formal obligations of your company management. A full service that offers everything that a company o a self employee has in its traditional advisory, thanks to our team of personal advisers in all areas of activity that attend to the customer at all times, taking advantage of the benefits of new technologies to gain time and save costs. LegaLowCost is a transparent service, where our customers can access whenever they want and that shows you the situation of your company, your files, questions and any procedure done.

2Now I can go to visit my adviser, could i do the same using Legalowcost?

Any customer may visit Legalowcost advisors, but the most functional, practical and effective way to do, is to consult and contact with the Legalowcost team without scrolling, using webcam, phone or mails, with immediacy and from anywhere.

3What about the web security? My data will be safe?

Communications through the interface are encrypted and the secury certificates are the most reputable. The safety requirements are the same as any bank transfer security so, legalowcost guarantees 100% confidentiality and security.

4Whose is responsible for transfer every data and every form from the previous advisor to Legalowcost?

You can choose about moving by yourself all your documents to Legalowcost and enjoy all the benefits of the service from the first day, or asking to Legalowcost to do all the paperwork, with prior warning.

5What do I need to connect to Legalowcost?

The only thing you need is internet connection to

6How can i get in touch with Legalowcost?

Through our website

Professional Team

A team with great experience in law, economy and accounting at your disposal.v

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Make your deals and queries from your home, anytime, 24 hours.

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We offer the lowest price in online advising. Guaranteed!!!

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A manager system available to every kind of firms. Both companies and selfemployed

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